Beach Hill Art

Paintings in Oil and Acrylic

About Kathy Coulston

Inspired by familiarity, growing up on beaches surrounded by Redwood covered hills and unusual pets; beach scenes and nature are endearing subjects. More>>

The Work

Rendering the ordinary using edgy, color-saturated brushstrokes, I rely on opposing tension to steer the eye around the surface in a dance of personal choreography. More>>


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Current Exhibitions

Central Coast Art Association Spring 2024 Juried Show
April 29 to June 27 2024
Meals on Wheels Center
700 Jewell, Pacific Grove, California

Central Coast Art Association Juried Show 2024

Honorable Mention Award

Changing Spaces
May 29 to June 23 2024
Radius Gallery
1050 River St #127, Santa Cruz, California

Targets Beach Boardwalk

Celebrating Lowrider Culture, More Than Cars
March 10 to June 30, 2024
PVA Porter Bldg
280 Main Street, Watsonville, California

A Mother's Son Lowrider Culture

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